What Are The Benefits to Sleeping Without Clothes On

What are the benefits of sleeping without clothes on

Someone asked whether or not there are benefits to sleeping with clothes on and I know, I have already talked about how sleeping without clothes on can be beneficial to your marriage.  I thought it would be good to write about this again, because I’m even more convinced that it does great things for you and your sex life.

Makes You More Available

For a few weeks, I decided to wear a shirt to bed and I noticed that it really made me less available for intimacy. There is just something about coming to bed fully accessible to one another.

If you are getting in bed with your clothes on, then it makes it much more difficult to ease into having sex. You and your lover will have to get undressed which adds one more thing to being ready for one another.

You Feel More Attractive

There are very few genuinely attractive pajama sets on the market. I know that the model in the pictures always look really amazing, but you know as well as I do that pj’s never look as good as they feel.

Walking around without your clothes on in front of your lover can boost your confidence if you let it. If have a spouse that really enjoys looking at you without your clothes on, it can make you feel great about the way you look. They aren’t going to compliment your flannels quite the way they will your birthday suit.

Gets Your Head in the Game

What you wear has a lot to do with getting your mind prepared for what you are about to do. If you put on comfy pj’s, your mind is going to be in a relaxed state, because you are telling yourself you are turning in for the night.

However, if you go without clothing, your mind knows that nakedness around your lover can lead to sex. You will have a much easier time getting in the mood if you and your spouse are lying naked in the bed together.

I know it can be very hard to be undressed in front of your spouse for some people. I encourage you to work towards that though. Be undressed, lights on, looking at one another…how scary, but how deeply intimate…

Need some tips on feeling more comfortable naked? Check this out-

How to Feel Comfortable Undressed In Front of Your Spouse 

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6 Responses

  1. What if your husband does NOT like your body? Of you are working on your shape, going to the gym, eating well, etc. But, have about 75 pounds to lose?

    1. If your spouse doesn’t want to see you naked, then this likely will not be a turn on for him. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still do it for you to build your own confidence, which I recognize can be hard to do with a husband who openly shares he doesn’t like your body. I would encourage you to continue doing the things that help you feel like the beautiful woman that I know you are. I would say that you might want to check out what Sheila Gregoria has to say about the subject. http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com/2013/05/what-if-my-husband-doesnt-find-me-attractive-a-round-up/. You are not the only woman who has a husband that shares with her that he wants her to have a different body.

  2. @Faithfulpeach, I think it’s great that you are trying to improve yourself by eating right and exercising. Your health is important and I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work!

    Keelie, I’ve struggled with this for years. There have been SO many misunderstandings between my husband and I over the past 20 years of marriage. I was 19 when we married, and there is so much I never knew! My husband is introverted, and so he never said much or explained anything. So I filled in the blanks with my own thoughts, and that’s caused a lot of hurt feelings. My husband used to have major hang ups with nudity. If I tried to sleep naked, he’d worry what if one of the kids came in? What if there was a house fire and I had to leave in a hurry? We went through a long dry spell sexually (his stress issues) and my naked body didn’t seem to even catch his eye. I took all of this as a sure sign that I was repulsive, disgusting, and worthless. I became a master at staying covered up. Sex with the lights out so he didn’t have to suffer by looking at my body. Only shower when he’s asleep. Change clothes quickly, facing away, or better yet – behind closed doors. I’m a very healthy weight, so I never understood just which parts of me he found so offensive. (He never said he didn’t like my body, but I took his silence as complete disgust).
    Reading marriage blogs and comments from men about how much they love their wives bodies, even after childbirth, made me so sad. Happy for those wives, but sad that my husband didn’t feel that way about me.
    Fast forward through a lot of nonsense, and we have finally started to heal and grow. My husband has been praying for a stronger marriage, and to be a better husband, and I’ve been trying to believe in his love (which is a struggle for me). This is all good, but I still struggle with poor body image. He now claims that he loves my body, but I struggle to believe him. I don’t think he ever did, so why would he start now.
    I accidentally fell asleep naked a couple weeks ago, and when I woke up I was horrified. I thought he’d be offended and angry. He surprised me by seeming pleased about it. But I cant suck in my post-baby poochie tummy that refuses to go away no matter how many ab workouts I do, if I’m asleep!!
    I love your posts. I struggle with so many of them. But I think this is great advice for women who are thin enough, hot enough, or confident enough in their bodies to feel good naked. Your posts always make me think.

    1. My hope is that any woman of any size will learn to feel sexy in her body. I was never a thin person and wouldn’t consider myself to be thin now. I weigh less now than I ever have in my life, even as a teenager, but I’ve got the post baby stomach that is FULL of deep stretch marks. I think it looks horrible. My husband on the other hand, doesn’t think it looks horrible. For that reason, I’m choosing to celebrate my stomach instead of feel ashamed by it.

      I hope that you will check out the post I wrote about how to feel more uncomfortable naked. https://lovehopeadventure.com/love-2/feeling-more-comfortable-with-spouse/ Also, I hope you’ll read the series I put together on how to feel beautiful https://lovehopeadventure.com/hope/how-to-feel-beautiful-series-7/.

      I understand the concerns about sleeping naked with kids in the house, and the concern of a fire. We lock our doors at night, and we’ve taught our kids to always knock before coming in. We both keep robes near our side of the bed so we can grab it right away if a kid needs help in the middle of the night, and if there is a fire. I also keep a set of clothes at the bottom of my bed and a pair of shoes. I’m pretty prepared for a fire and won’t be running out naked. 😀

      I am glad you and your husband are starting to communicate. So many people assume that their spouse feels a certain way about something, because they have not had the right conversations. It takes years and years to work through the damage we do to each other in our early years. I’ve been married for 12 years, and we dated for 5 years before that. It is only in the last year that we have been able to work through the issues we had when we were first married. Now, we realize that most of our problems were due to the fact that we couldn’t properly express ourselves.

      I know that with enough time and intentionality, that you and your husband will grow past those early year miscommunications. You will probably always deal with some amount of body issues, but I hope you can get to a point where it is fewer and farther between. I deal with lots of body issues. Sometimes, I do better than others. When I start hating the way I look, I try to remind myself that I’m loved by God the Father and He created me beautiful the way he wanted me.

      Thank you for sharing! I know it isn’t easy to do.

  3. I feel the need to comment because I am a very full figured gal who gravity has hit hard. My figure is by no means winning me any awards. Think tess holiday. My husband is thin and very attractive. We’ve Been Married almost 7 years, together almost 12. I sleep in panties only (thongs, lace, cheekies, even my granny panties are bought to flatter the derriere) I add a camisole or babydoll pj top if I feel the need. This gives the husband a great view from both sides which leads to a lot more touching and snuggling. I can’t tell you how many nights just rolling over to sleep is enough to put him in the mood because he has a great view and better yet is cuddling up to a semi bare bum. Your sleepwear sends a strong message and that message should be “this is all for you!”

    1. That is a great perspective Kristen. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I think that if you do not feel comfortable sleeping naked, that wearing sexy things to bed that you can feel comfortable in is a good idea. I hope to encourage all women to find ways to feel like the beautiful women they are no matter what their size.

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