What Are The Benefits to Sleeping Without Clothes On

What are the benefits of sleeping without clothes on

Someone asked whether or not there are benefits to sleeping with clothes on and I know, I have already talked about how sleeping without clothes on can be beneficial to your marriage.  I thought it would be good to write about this again, because I’m even more convinced that it does great things for you and your sex life.

Makes You More Available

For a few weeks, I decided to wear a shirt to bed and I noticed that it really made me less available for intimacy. There is just something about coming to bed fully accessible to one another.

If you are getting in bed with your clothes on, then it makes it much more difficult to ease into having sex. You and your lover will have to get undressed which adds one more thing to being ready for one another.

You Feel More Attractive

There are very few genuinely attractive pajama sets on the market. I know that the model in the pictures always look really amazing, but you know as well as I do that pj’s never look as good as they feel.

Walking around without your clothes on in front of your lover can boost your confidence if you let it. If have a spouse that really enjoys looking at you without your clothes on, it can make you feel great about the way you look. They aren’t going to compliment your flannels quite the way they will your birthday suit.

Gets Your Head in the Game

What you wear has a lot to do with getting your mind prepared for what you are about to do. If you put on comfy pj’s, your mind is going to be in a relaxed state, because you are telling yourself you are turning in for the night.

However, if you go without clothing, your mind knows that nakedness around your lover can lead to sex. You will have a much easier time getting in the mood if you and your spouse are lying naked in the bed together.

I know it can be very hard to be undressed in front of your spouse for some people. I encourage you to work towards that though. Be undressed, lights on, looking at one another…how scary, but how deeply intimate…

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