What Causes Stress in a Relationship?

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For the most part, you’ll want — and expect — that your relationship with your significant other will be ultimately good for all involved. It should be supportive, it should be fun, it should be loving.

But of course, we need to keep in mind that even the best relationships out there run into troubles. And very often, these troubles don’t materialize out of thin air — they’re a symptom of something bigger. One such example of a broader issue is stress.

If one or both members of the relationship are under stress, then those fights and unhappy periods will be more common. While we can’t always prevent stress, we can be aware of what causes stress in a relationship. If we know when the moments might arrive, we can be prepared to go a little easier, and manage the situation before problems present themselves.

Money Matters

You can’t blame couples for arguing about money. After all, it’s something that’s all too important in our lives, even if we’d prefer it if it wasn’t. While there are natural problems that can come when there’s little money in the bank account, couples usually run into problems when there’s a difference in approaches to cash.

If one person likes to spend, spend, spend, and the other likes to save, save, save, then routine arguments and money-related stress will follow. There are ways to figure out money matters, but ultimately, remember this: don’t take your money problems out on your loved one. Money is important, but not that important. 

The Big Moves

We tend to think that anything positive we do in our lives will bring us happiness, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, these things can be stressful. Take moving home, for example.

It’s ultimately a move that’ll do good things for our lives and relationship, but the actual process of moving can be stressful. As such, it’s important that you’re taking steps to make a move less stressful. You can work with professional movers like those found at https://www.mybekins.com/location/walnut-creek-ca-movers/.

You can take a few days off work, so you’re not overly booked during moving week. You can drop the kids off at their grandparents’ home, and so on. They say that moving home is as stressful as a divorce, but that’s not the guaranteed experience — take steps to minimize the stress, and you’ll avoid many an argument with your loved one.  

Individual Stress 

You’re a unit, sure, but you’re not joined at the hip. When you’re feeling on top of the world, your partner could feel down in the dumps, and vice versa. This usually occurs in areas where you have different lives, such as work.

Everyone has tough days at work, but sometimes these days can turn into months, and people can become very stressed indeed. While it’s difficult, it’s important that you’re not bringing the troubles of the office home with you. Learn to leave them behind — going for walks, hitting the gym, and meditating can all do wonders.

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