What Happened to the Lingerie Challenge?

I don’t know if you remember me saying I was thinking about doing lingerie challenge, but that’s about as far as I got. My thought was, I would commit to wearing lingerie every day for 7 days to see what would happen.

Lingerie for men and women

For example, would we have more sex? Or would it become commonplace and the same thing as wearing pj’s to bed? Also, I wanted to see if it made me feel any different before sex. I know a lot of ladies who wear lingerie as a way to help themselves get excited.

We went out of town for our anniversary and I fully intended to make that the start of my lingerie challenge. But, we got home and it fell through. One of the problems I had was coming up with enough lingerie to actually take my own challenge.

I had actually just received a nighty from Honoring Intimates. I really love that they put all of the lingerie on plastic models so that they are appropriate. And, the tags on the clothes do not have pictures of women wearing the lingerie. Even with that addition, I was about 3 days short of having a week’s worth of lingerie.

When I pitched this idea, I had a great reader put this survey together for us and they’ve been really patient with me while I’ve been trying to get caught up. If you want to join in the survey fun, go here to share your input on the role lingerie plays in your sex life. All responses are 100% anonymous.

Go here to take the survey. 

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