What I do To Keep a No Waste Kitchen

I know that this post is a little out of character from my normal marriage posts. It is really important that we understand that everything that happens in our home affects our marriage. So, I think that deviating from the normal marriage advice I give you, and give you a glimpse into my home life.

If you didn’t know, Austin is the director of a food pantry in our town. It is his job to take discarded food from grocery stores and make sure it gets in the hands of needy people in our area. They work to have a no-waste pantry by giving the food that is not edible to a pig farmer.

We have been challenged in the past to keep from throwing away food and eating everything up, because of or financial struggles. Now, we are still as passionate about it, because we see people come in the pantry every day that rely on the discarded food. We don’t want to add to the problem, so we work to keep a no waste kitchen as much as possible.

You can read more about this over at Money Saving Mom, where I’m guest posting today.

10 Tips to Keep a Zero Waste Kitchen

What I do to Keep a No Waste Kitchen


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