What if I Could Please You Like….


What if?

These are the two craziest words to introduce into a conversation. Hypotheticals can make a conversation go anywhere!

When you stop thinking in the practical sense and start dreaming, it can be very exciting. Austin and I writing a conversation starter book where we explore this concept. We talk about throwing what if in front of normal conversations to see what happens. That got me thinking about putting those words in your sex life.

I’m sure you have looked at sex positions that you knew were completely out of the realm of possibility- but didn’t the thought of trying to move like that excite you? Absolutely! When you think about having sex with your spouse in any way, it can be exciting.

I thought I would put together a few what if questions that can get some sexy conversations going between you and your spouse in the bedroom.

  1. What if I could hold you against the wall while we have sex?
  2. What if I could last for an hour?
  3. What if I could give you more than one in a single session?
  4. What if I could put my legs over my head?
  5. What if I could take you somewhere new and please you?
  6. What if I could make you climax at the same time I do?
  7. What if I could stand on my head?
  8. What if I could do the splits?

These questions can help you laugh or feel really turned on. Either way, it is a great bonding experience to talk about sex with one another.

*I encourage you to never discuss fantasies with your spouse that involve other people, be it porn, voyeurs, or threesomes. All of your sexual talk should be God-honoring.

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  1. What if we were willing to risk talking about our fantasies and desires openly and without fear of rejection or being judged? What if I could tell you how I visualize your sexuality in my mind’s eye? That’s the real “What if…?”

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