What It’s Like to Play a Couple’s Bedroom Game

Did you know that we created our first sexy bedroom game before I was a blogger. I wasn’t even a writer at that point. We actually created it for a getaway for our friends. So, originally, I was planning to just hand write everything out on cards and create a hand-drawn board. Basic, I know. That’s why I got Austin involved in helping me. He’s got mad computer skills.

Needless to say, by the time he got done reading all of the foreplay moves I came up with and designing the board, adding his own, and putting things together, he was ready to try it out. Honestly, I never wanted to try this type of thing because I thought it would be cheesy or awkward. I was so wrong.

I Had the Wrong Idea About Bedroom Games

What’s crazy is that at the time, we were kinda going through a second honeymoon period where we were after each other all the time. I didn’t think we “needed” a bedroom game. I guess I saw it as some type of help for people who had a boring sex life. Really, it was something that made our already awesome intimate life even better. I thought, “Wow! Imagine if we had this when we were struggling”.

Why Sexy Games Are Important For Couples

This is exactly why I developed a passion to create bedroom games. Games can drive you wild with pleasure and anticipation. The suggestions take you to the edge and then cut you off before you get there. It makes for a really strong climax.

Games can also be a really good idea for women that want to try to have multiple orgasms. A wife can orgasm towards the beginning of the game and then work her way back up. It will give her enough time to cool down and then get worked up again.

Work Your Way Up

lipstick print

All of our bedroom games are designed to go from mild moves to really hot moves. It’s perfect for working you up gradually. Also, I love that it answers the question, “What should I do next?”. I have felt so relaxed by games because I can just enjoy each thing instead of stressing out about what to do or what to ask for.

Bedroom Games For Couples

If you want to get a sexy bedroom game for your spouse play this weekend, here are a few you should check out:

Love Hope Adventure Printable Games

Here’s the link to my Sexy Truth or Dare ebook.

I have a lot of games in my shop. I suggest you get the whole bedroom game library. But you can check out the shop for the individual games. These are all instant downloads that you print.

Board Games From Married Dance

Married Dance has several physical games. Use the code LOVE at checkout to get 10% off your order. I asked the owner earlier what the top selling game is and he said it’s called You & ME. He also likes Monogamy. I’m going to buy one of these and I’ll give you a review later.

Just as a note, the owner of Married Dance said he’s almost sold out of a few vibrators including this one. So if you wanted to grab them before the sale is gone and they are out of stock, get it before midnight.

Uncovering Intimacy Printables

Jay Dee just put out a sexy advent calendar for couples. Think of it as a month-long bedroom game where you have steamy option and general kindness options. Get the Black Label and you get all the options.

If you have any questions about bedroom games, positions, sex helps, or anything else, feel free to message me. I’ve been sharing a lot of personal stories lately because of your questions.

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