What to Do When You Don’t Feel Heard in Marriage

Do you sometimes feel like you’re talking, but your spouse isn’t listening? Maybe you feel you’ve tried every way possible to communicate, but you still feel like your spouse doesn’t get it.

This happens all the time for married couples, even those that have been married FOREVER! Don’t think that since you’ve been married for 5, 15, 25 years, that you’ve got it all figured out. Communication is ever changing and growing and you’ve always got to have a plan of how to get your spouse to understand you at every season of life. 

On Thursday, March 22, I’ll be joining Dr. Jessica McCleese, a clinical psychologist, and licensed Christian sex therapist,  for a free webinar.  We will be focusing on how to improve communication with your spouse. We will also be discussing the importance of opening the lines of communication with your spouse and providing practical tips.

Marriage is the most important relationship. I hope you’ll join us for this webinar. Sign up here to get the webinar link emailed to you.

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  1. They never sent the show link and I couldn’t catch it live. I never got an email notification of the podcast like usual either. However, I will watch the archived podcast. That is if I get that link sent to me. I’ll bug Jessica if it doesn’t come. 🙂

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