What to Include on a Wedding Invitation

Austin and I handmade our invitations when we got married. We created a blend of both of our personalities. I hand stamped the front and used embossing powder to create a raised design. I love art and hand crafted things.

Austin is a computer guy. He designed the inside of the invitation and printed it out on velum paper, which is a see though type of paper. Then I hand tied the velum to the paper.

If you are interested in making your own handmade invitations, you’ll need to know what to write inside. I invited Sumeet on to tell you exactly what you need to add to you invitations.

Here’s what they say-

Every year, an average of 2.4 million weddings are done in the United States.

Weddings are a beautiful thing because you get to express your intention to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Many people believe in weddings because it’s something they often saw and envied while they were children.

Yet, before that day becomes a success you need to consider sending out invitations. You may wonder what to include on a wedding invitation. What is that that will give your guests a good first impression?

Below are 4 essential things which should appear in a wedding invitation.

1. Who Is Hosting The Wedding?

You don’t have to wonder anymore about what to include on a wedding invitation. Begin with this simplest of all things. Inform the person you are inviting about the host.

The card should begin a list of names of the people hosting the ceremony. Also included in the request line, the fact that their presence will be much appreciated. If you and your future husband are hosting ensure your names appear below that request line.

2. An RSVP Deadline

In the RSVP, there’s a line for the guests to write their names. The RSVP part of the invitation is very critical because from it you will have an estimate of the number of people attending the ceremony. After sending out the invitation, there is a three to a four-week deadline for reply.

For the sake of convenience, make sure you stamp the invitation. This will make it easy for the guest to RSVP.

3. The Date and the Time

These two pieces of information are crucial to the success of the wedding. It’s best you first discuss with your partner and settle on a date. Furthermore, you can discuss with some of the guests to know when they’ll be available for the event.

Also, inform the guests what time the wedding is set to start. It would be a shame if the guests came too early or too late.

4. The Name of the Bride and Groom

Key to the invitation is the name of the bride and groom. It will be absurd to send out invitations yet your guests don’t even know whose wedding they are coming to. The bride’s full name should begin and then the groom’s name should follow.

Be artistic in the way you write the names. You can find an expert to design the card. Or you can use the invitations templates from Adobe Spark to lessen the hustle of designing.

What to Include on a Wedding Invitation

What to include on a wedding invitation shouldn’t be something that keeps you up at night. To avoid the hustle you can use pre-made templates from Adobe Spark. Or you could build the invitation content from scratch.

Inform your guests about the host of the ceremony. Remember to include your name and that of your partner. State where and when the event will take place. Include a dress code if you like, after all, it’s your wedding.


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