When God Calls You As A Couple To Serve Him

when god calls you as a couple

As believers in Christ, God asks us all to do things individually for Him. He gives us clear instructions in the Bible to go out and make disciples of Christ.

Everyone of us have a role to play in bringing the good news of Jesus to a lost and dying world. While we are all called individually, God also calls us as couples to reach those around us.

When God Calls You As A Couple

For some couples, such as my husband and I, God told us to enter into ministry together. Before we were married, I knew I was supposed to marry a man that was going into full time Christian ministry. Austin felt God tell him to work as ministerial staff at churches.

Throughout the years, we have followed God where He lead us and worked to reach the people in our community. We didn’t have to leave the country together to do this, but we did have to leave our hometown in order to be obedient to the Lord.

Yes, it is a scary thing to pick up and leave everything you have always known in obedience to God. Moving to a new are makes for difficult transitions, especially if you go over seas like my friend Sutton and his wife Kayla.

The First Time I Met Sutton


Austin took on a job as the children and youth pastor at a church in Virginia. We hadn’t been in the area for that long when we met Sutton.

There was an event that was taking place for churches in our association. This is where I first met this awesome guy. The way he carried himself and his demeanor made him seem so much older than what he actually was.

In fact, I assumed he must be old enough to head off to college. Little did I know that he would become involved in our youth ministry and bless me over and over.

Ever since I knew Sutton, he had a strong conviction to serve the Lord. His dad was the pastor of a church in the area. Like any child that loves their dad, I wondered if Sutton’s enthusiasm for the the Lord was impacted by his desire to be a good dad like his own.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that he was genuine in his faith and walk.

God Sends Those That Evangelize

kayla and sutton

I believe that more often than not that God sends people into full-time ministry to do what they are doing on a volunteer level. I’ve seen a lot of people go into pastoral ministry that were already teaching and preaching in their church. Also, people that are out and evangelizing to the world around them end up on mission fields.

Aside from sharing his faith with those around him, Sutton has taken yearly mission trips with his church. It is no surprise to me that he and his wife Kayla are being called onto the mission field for the next few years.

They are set to head out to Rwanda in a few months to work with the people there. They are going into the country to work and will use their time there to share the good news of Jesus with others.

If you would like to support them or hear more about their cause, be sure to check them out on their webpage.

As We Welcome

Investing In Other Couples

Last week, I wrote about how important it is to invest in other couples. When Austin and I started out in our ministry journey, a lot of people invested in us. People are still investing in us, but in those early years, it was so important to have extra support.

I’m very grateful for those individuals that prayed for us, gave us financial support and counselled with us. As believers, we should always be spurring one another on to be obedient to Christ.

Full-Time Ministry Is Not The Only Thing God Calls Couples To Do

You might be thinking, “I have never felt God calling us to the mission field or full time Christian ministry”. That is true of a lot of people.

However, God is calling you and your spouse to minister to the world around you in many ways. He might ask you to join a ministry together. Maybe you should start an in home Bible study for people in your neighborhood.

At the very least, you are an example of the relationship between Christ and the church. You are a witness to those around you by the way you handle your marriage.

Today, I encourage you to pray together as a couple and ask God to give you opportunities to serve Him together. Serving along side other believers creates an amazing bond.

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