Have you hit rock bottom in your life? You look around, and you don’t think anyone has noticed or cares what is going on. When you feel unloved and uncared for, it makes you feel devastated. There is a way you can pull out of the rut when you get to this place. 

when you feel unloved

Spend the Time to Care For Yourself 

When you are not feeling loved by the world around you, it is time to give yourself the time you need to rejuvenate. You’ve probably been neglecting your own needs for quite some time. Not taking care of yourself will cause you to feel unloved and taken for granted by others. 

It isn’t 100% up to the people around you to make you feel loved. This includes a romantic partner or other loved ones. If you put the way you think and feel on everyone else, then you will be sorely disappointed. Sometimes you have to show love to yourself, just like you show love to your spouse, and love to everyone else.

The way you take care of yourself will greatly depend on who you are and your life. Choosing to eat breakfast at the table instead of walking around cleaning up with a banana in my hand is a great way I care for myself. You might have something else that will make you feel loved. 

Take on a Project and Complete it

Your feeling of self-worth takes a nosedive when you are not feeling loved. To give yourself a confidence boost, take on a project and commit to completing it. It can be a small task like decorating a room in your home. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy or complex, if you’re just starting out. Or it can be something significant, such as running a 5k or volunteering at a local pet center. 

Putting your mind on a task and accomplishing it will give you the boost you need. Just be sure that whatever you decide to do, you stick with it until it is finished. You will be a better person for it. 

Do Something Kind For a Friend or Family Member

This might seem a bit contradictory to my first point of doing something for yourself. I’m not suggesting that you put all of your focus on your own needs and get wrapped up in yourself. That will cause you to feel more lonely and less engaged. 

When you are not engaged with others, you will feel loved even less. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can come out of a downward spiral in your life by doing a simple act of kindness for others. 

Ensure that when you do something for another person, you do not do it out of obligation or with a bad attitude. This will only make you feel more neglected and bitter. 

Whatever you choose to do for someone else, put your heart into it. You can write an encouraging note, take someone out to lunch, or buy a small gift for no reason. There are so many things you can do to be kind to someone around you. 

When you do something nice for others, love fills your heart. Do you know what is amazing about love? When it fills your heart, it immediately fills your mind. All of a sudden, you see the world more clearly. Sometimes, we are the reason we don’t feel loved, and an attitude change is what we need. 

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