Why I Didn’t Want to Homeschool This Year

If you didn’t know, I put my two older kids in public school for the last two years. Prior to that, they had always been homeschooled. I felt I had to put them in school because I was completely overwhelmed with teaching them, growing and running my business, and caring for a potty training preschooler.

Why I Did Not Want to Homeschool This Year

The year I sent them to school- I felt like the biggest failure.

I’m not a homeschooler for life kind of person, but I wanted to make the decision to send them for their benefit, not because I couldn’t hack it. I felt like I had to send them because I wasn’t doing a good job.

After an entire summer of one of my kids begging me to let him stay homeschooled, I sent him to public school anyways. The first year they were there, I was so focused on getting my business going and surviving that I didn’t really have time to pay attention to their learning situation. By the second year they were in the school, I realized they weren’t getting what I hoped they would.

Midway through the year last year, I knew we needed to bring them back home.

I wasn’t at all excited about the thought of homeschooling again. I had felt like such a failure before, and I didn’t know how I’d be able to do it again. I knew God was telling me this is what we needed to do. There were so many parts of me that wanted to be rebellious and not homeschool them.

I’ve stepped out in faith and obedience on this one.

God knew I’d need help homeschooling them, and he made it possible for Austin to help me. When we were making plans to bring them home, Austin wasn’t working with me on our business. I’m very glad that God lead us in this direction and he’s been moving in many unforeseen ways.
Now, we are all at home during various parts of the week working on our projects. The kids get to see the way our business functions even more and they are all coming up with their own ideas of things to create and sell. I’m glad we chose to be obedient.


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