Why The Way I Dress Helps My Marriage

There are a lot of things that I do every day, that I didn’t necessarily start because of my marriage. However, I find that these things have made a great impact on my relationship with Austin. Getting dressed is one of those things.

I grew up with a mom that would not allow us to stay in our pajamas for too long. All of us were homeschooled at one time or another. Mom would not allow us to come to the school table in our pj’s.

Since it was part of the culture of my home growing up to get dressed every day, I’ve adopted that habit into our home. There are a lot of things that I have noticed that this habit has done for me personally as well as my marriage.

Why I Get Dressed Everyday

Aside from being taught to get up and get ready for the day, there are some other reasons I get dressed in something nice. By nice, I mean a pair of jeans, skirt, dress, or something like that. I don’t get dressed up in business attire, but something more than a pair of sweatpants.

Truth be told, I don’t own sweatpants or typical t-shirts. I can’t wear anything that isn’t v-necked, so t-shirts just don’t work for me.

That is a comfort thing for me. I know a lot of people feel great in t-shirts, but I spend the entire time I’m wearing one, pulling at the neck line. Not fun or attractive.

As far as the sweatpants go, I own one pair of capri type of sweatpants that I wear before bed sometimes. This is not to say that I don’t own anything pants that aren’t cotton knit, but when I wear those types of pants, I pair it with a nice cotton knit shirt.

I have a lot of sensory issues, so I have conditioned myself to feel comfortable in fittend pants and shirts.

Besides my comfort level, I don’t do much in the way of workout clothes because of my hair. I have what I call “prom hair”. My hairstyle always looks formal and like I’m about to go to the prom.

Have you ever seen teenage girls walking around the mall with super done up hair and makup with their sweatpants on? It looks weird, but you know they are getting ready to go to prom and aren’t quite ready to be in their dress.

I look like that if I put on anything too casual. For my curly hair to make sense, I need to wear something that isn’t so grungy looking.

I have a lot of reasons that I put on certain types of clothes everyday. What I have found is that these habits have helped my marriage.

I’m More Motivated

There is something to be said about dressing for success. What you put on will you get in the right frame of mind. If you stay dressed in the clothes you wear to bed, you will have a harder time accomplishing things during the day.

I actually put on shoes everyday. I wear shoes for the comfort factor, but I noticed that it is another thing that helps me stay in the right frame of mind.

I’m Always Ready

If my husband calls me during the day and needs me to run something out to him, I’m already together. I can get the kids together and walk out the door.

Always being ready to walk out the door or for unexpected visitors to stop by has reduced the amount of stress in my marriage. Austin doesn’t have to worry that I’m not presentable if he stops by with someone from work, or needs me to bring him something. He knows that I am dressed and ready to go.

I Feel Confident

austin and me2

What you wear has a lot to do with your confidence level. Like I said, when I’m dressed, I stay motivated and always ready to leave the house at a moment’s notice. I don’t have to sit around all day hoping that no one needs me to adult….I’m already adulting.

When you are more confident in yourself, you will have an easier time helping those around you feel confident. I know that I am an example to my husband and kids. They see how I handle things and it rubs off on them.

My Appearance Tells My Husband I Care

My parents were raised in an era where what you wore, told the people around you what you thought of them. I don’t think that this is the current philosophy, but it is the one I was raised with.

Even though my husband wasn’t raised with the same mindset, he understands that the way I dress shows him that I care about him. If you are in the habit of putting on nice clothes to leave the house, extend the same courtesy to your spouse. They will appreciate the effort you have put into your appearance.

I Have a Better Self View

When I feel like I look good, I feel better about myself. I don’t get ready for the runway every morning, but I do try to put on a complimentary outfit to my body type. It is very important to me that I feel like I look good each day.

When I feel good about my body, I respond to my husband’s sexual advances in a positive way. If I do not feel good about the way I look, I end up hurting his feelings by brushing off his compliments. It is important that I graciously accept his compliments and feelings.

Getting dressed every day does not take that much effort, but has a great impact on my relationships.

What about you? Does it affect you positively if you get dressed during the day?

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  1. I can’t say that I always get dressed. There are definitely Saturdays that what I sleep in is what I stay in all day. But, there is definitely something to be said for trying to put effort into your appearance. It makes you feel more confident and shows your husband that you want to look nice for him.

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