why I stopped using picture filters

I LOVE art! I define art as anything a person creates using whatever medium they chose. It is an outward expression of what is in your mind.

For example, I have a friend that is restorative dentist. He crafts beautiful smiles for his patients.  I have another friend that is a tattoo artist. His artistic abilities are astounding. Both of these guys use the human body as their canvas. 

Photography Is a Beautiful Form of Art

While I see everything as a form of art, I also love more traditional pieces, such as photography. A number of years ago, wedding photography, in particular, changed drastically.

Instead of the Bridal party just standing around at the front of the church, photographers were taking their subjects to open fields and old train depots. The first time I saw this type of photography, I fell in love. 

In fact, I have two different sets of friends that started their own photography businesses. Both of the picture galleries at Innovatory and R&K Events are full of astounding artwork.

Oh how I wish I had gotten married a few years later, because both of these brilliant couples were at my wedding! If only they had been taking those magazine worthy pics when I was dressed in white.

I remember seeing the owner of Innovatory post pictures of normal every day things that would floor me. She had the ability to turn the most mundane thing into incredible art.

One day, she posted a picture of her preschooler’s artwork, and the angles, filters, and lighting she used made the picture look magnificent. She took that gift from her child and showed the world how she viewed it. Amazing.

Then Instagram Came Into My Life

I’m never the type to jump on the latest technology band wagon, so it takes heavy pushing from Austin for me to bother with anything new. When we were in youth ministry, he told me about this app I really needed to get….Instagram. 

No, I wasn’t happy about having to figure out a new social media outlet, because I barely had Facebook figured out. However, the young teens were all over Instagram, and I needed a way to connect with them during the week.

Instagram opened a whole world to me with the amount of filters and edits you can do. I fell in love with the editing process. I could take picture of absolutely nothing, then filter and edit it into something great.

For a long time, I would rock every picture I took, throw a filter on it, crop it just right, before I shared it. 


before plant



Now you get an idea of some of the types of edits that I like to do. The before pics are fine, but the after pics sparkle.

Before I go on, I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with editing and slapping a filter on your pictures. I am very much in love with this form of art, still.

Something Changed for Me….

I started working online. I’ve been freelance writing for almost 2 years. As I have learned to navigate around the internet better, I have had to develop some standards. 

Online, many people portray themselves as something better than what they are. Whether they do it on purpose or inadvertently, it still happens.

Taking pictures of every day things and turning them into beautiful pieces of art is not the problem. The problem is that we are obscuring reality when that is all we ever see. When you spend all of your time looking through a camera lens, it isn’t healthy. 

I even noticed that I wouldn’t post a picture at all that hadn’t been edited. Even if the picture looked fine, I wasn’t satisfied until I had made some changes. That told me that I was developing an unhealthy view of reality.

Erin over at Richly Rooted addressed a similar concept on her blog this week when she wrote: Why I’ll Be Taking Fewer Pictures From Now On. I completely agree with her on this one.

I Want You To See My Messy Life

Now that I run a blog, I want to make certain that I am being as transparent as I can be with those that follow me here. Most of you do not know me in real life. A lot of people do not look the same in real life that they look in a picture.

When we edit the smack out of our pictures, then we look even less like what we do in person. Since you guys do not know what I look like outside of the pictures I post, throwing filters all over my face is a bad idea. 

While I LOVE editing and filtering pics, I won’t be posting those too often on the blog. It is really important to me that I portray reality to you. I’ll make sure I point out pictures I’ve artsified so that you know it isn’t reality, but art.

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