Why Making My Bed Is Good For My Marriage

why making my bed is good for my marriage

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very good at keeping my room straight when I was growing up. If you have ever been in my home, then that would probably surprise you. For the most part, we keep our house straight.

Having a welcoming environment is very important to me. I don’t just keep the house clean for the sake of company, but mainly for the sake of me and my family.

When the house is straight, I want to be in it. If it is in disarray, I want to go somewhere else. It is almost impossible for me to relax and feel comfortable if things aren’t clean enough.

Not only do I live in my house, but I work from home too. It is very hard for me to clock out at the end of the night. That is why it is infinitely important that I keep my room clean.

I was not a bed maker when I was growing up. My thoughts were, “why bother since I will just unmake it tonight?”. Now that I am married, there are many reasons why I bother making my bed each morning.

Makes My Room a Place to Relax


Having a clean room makes me feel more comfortable and able to relax. Even if the rest of the house is a mess when I go to bed, as long as my room is clean, I can feel calm. Being relaxed is key when it comes to enjoying sex.

Making the Bed Reminds Me to Keep My Room Clean

Making my bed each day is exactly what I need to remind me to keep my room clean. Instead of piling clothes all over the bed or trunk, I want to put them away. My bed looks pretty, and I want to keep it that way.

Day Sex is Easier

Since my bed is made first thing in the morning, it is ready to go anytime of the day. If the opportunity arises during the day and the bed is a wreck, that will make a romp much more difficult. When the bed is made, it is inviting and makes spur of the moment intimacy easier.

Keeps My Room Romantic


An unmade bed is not very romantic or sexy. It is my goal to make my room as romantic as possible and keep it that way at all times. My bedroom has a few very specific purposes…mostly sex and sleep. Of course I use my room to get dressed and other practical things like that.


However, it is my main goal to keep my bedroom set apart for connecting with my husband. It is very important that we have a safe place where we can be intimate and open with each other.

Making my bed every day has been very beneficial to my marriage. An inviting bedroom is key for me when it comes to connecting intimately.

What About You? Do You Make Your Bed Every Day?

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