Increase Intimacy In Your Marriage By Making Your Bed

Do you make your bed each morning? I didn’t before I got married. In fact, my room was pretty much a mess all of the time until I moved out.

Why didn’t I make my bed? Well, it felt useless to me since I was going to unmake it at the end of the night. But, when I got married, I started seeing making my bed as part of opening my home and getting ready for the day. Believe it or not, though, this simple chore has had an impact on the intimacy in our marriage.

Here are the benefits I’ve found to keeping my bed made:

1. You Will Feel More Relaxed In Your Room

Having a clean room will help you feel more comfortable and able to relax. Even if the rest of the house is an utter disaster, at least when you go to bed, your room is clean. And…if you’re planning to have sex, it’s even more important that you aren’t being distracted by piles of laundry everywhere.

Not only does making your bed immediately tidy up your room, it puts you in the frame of mind to keep the rest of your room clean. Just taking a few minutes to pull your blankets up will cause you to look around at what else you can clean real fast. Since your bed looks nice, you have more motivation to keep the rest of the room picked up as well.

2. Makes Day Sex Easier

When you make your bed first thing in the morning, it’s ready for sexy romps any time of day. It can make spur-of-the-moment sex much easier. It’s a lot easier to go into your room and build the romance when you are starting out on a clean bed, versus having to push everything on the floor or relocate it.

I always recommend to couples that they have what they need for sex set up. Need lube (who doesn’t)? Keep it next to your bed with tissues or something to clean up with. If you use sex toys, then keep them charged and stashed nearby. Making your bed is just one more way that you can keep your room “sex ready” at all times.

3. It Makes The Bedroom Feel More Romantic

An unmade bed is not very romantic or sexy. I think it’s really important that you decorate your room in a way that feels romantic to you. And then…keep it clean so it doesn’t take away from the atmosphere. Here is a blog post I wrote about how I decorated our bedroom to be romantic on a budget. This is our room from years ago, but in every home we’ve lived in, I take a lot of time to make our room look and feel like a getaway. Leaving your bed unmade will immediately make it feel less romantic.

Sure, you’ll use your room for practical things like getting dressed, sleeping, and chilling out…but don’t overlook the importance of using your bedroom as a way to build intimacy with your spouse.

Personally, making my bed every day has been very beneficial to my marriage. An inviting bedroom is key for me when it comes to connecting intimately. I challenge you to try it out for a few weeks and see if it helps foster intimacy with your spouse. It might not make a big impact on your marriage…or you may be surprised and find that it creates a much more inviting atmosphere to have spontaneous sex.

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