Why And How You Should Use Mirrors During Sex

There are plenty of things you can do in the bedroom for one another to make things exciting. Mirrors can be a great way to enhance your sex life. Even if you don’t use them all the time, it is good to switch things up a bit to increase sexual intimacy in your marriage.

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Why Use Mirrors For Sex

In this YouTube video, I talk about the benefits of using mirrors during sex. I think it’s important to incorporate this as part of your sexual repertoire. Not to say that you should do this every time, but make it a regular activity.

The biggest reason I think you should consider mirror sex is that it can help you feel really turned on. Who doesn’t want to feel hotter and more excited when they are making love to their spouse? Later on, I’ll discuss some ideas for those who don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of a mirror. But I want to go over the benefits of mirror gazing sex, positions you can try, and other tips.

Mirror Gazing Helps You Know What it Looks Like to Have Sex

Would you believe that people being intimate in marriage looks nothing like it does on television? What a shocker, right? There is little to nothing about movie sex that is true to life.

While I fast forward through inappropriate scenes as quickly as possible, enough flashes before the screen for me to know it is all wrong. These images and actions can crowd our minds when we visualize sexual intimacy with our spouses.

Getting in front of the mirror with one another can be an eye-opening experience. One that I think you can really learn to enjoy seeing yourself and your spouse making love.

Why You Should Use Mirrors in The Bedroom

Aside from being an eye-opening experience about what it really looks like to be intimate with one another, getting in front of the mirror is great for your sex life. Seeing what is going on has many benefits for you and your spouse. Here are some of the top reasons you should use mirrors.

1. Sex is Visually Stimulating

Men are very visual and enjoy seeing their wives naked. Not only do husbands benefit from seeing their reflection, but so do women. During intercourse or other acts of foreplay, mirrors can help a woman feel more stimulated with sexual desire. Since women have a hard time staying mentally focused during lovemaking, seeing what is going on can really help.

2. Makes You Feel Sexy

Looking at one another in the mirror can do great things for your self-esteem if you let it. While you are looking at yourself and your spouse being intimate, you can get to know the true beauty in the gift God gave you. It is really important that you allow yourself to feel sexy during intimate times. Reflections are really helpful for this.

3. Builds Excitement During Your Encounter

If you allow yourself to feel sexy while you gaze at what is going on, it will build excitement and sexual desire during your encounter. This can serve as a way to make the time feel a lot more fun. When your heart is pumping and your mind is racing, it makes sexual intimacy in marriage a lot better.

4. Gets You Moving And Trying New Sex Positions

There is little to no way to be dormant when you are watching what is going on. Seeing your reflection will get you excited and cause you to desire to do more. You will find that your sense of adventure with one another in the bedroom increases.

5. Gives You Images to Recall Later

Like I said earlier, women have a hard time keeping their minds focused during sex. Having these images stored in your mind gives you something to visualize. I know that if I find my mind wandering to the grocery list, I can just recall things I’ve seen in the mirror.

Where to Hang Mirrors For Sex

I wrote a post on tips for using mirrors in your bedroom and talked about where you can put them in your room. Also, if you don’t have the ability to hang a mirror, you can use a hand-held mirror for oral sex to see what’s going on. Also, you can go to the bathroom or another room that has mirrors you can use.

A few ideas I have for where you can hang a mirror without it looking like a sex mirror:

  • Hang a full-length mirror on a door or part of your wall where it can double as a dressing mirror.
  • If you have a closet in your room or bathroom, consider sliding mirror closet doors.
  • Create a gallery wall with many different-sized mirrors and make sure some are big enough to see what’s going on.
  • Get a stand alone full-length mirror that you can more around the room as needed.

These are a few ideas you can try to set up mirrors in your room or bathroom where you can see yourselves having sex or giving each other oral.

Mirror Gazing Sex Positions

Once you have the mirrors in place that you can use, you’ll need to get creative on the positions you try so you can see what’s going on. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Eve’s Ecstasy Cunnilingus Position

This oral sex position is great for a wife to see her husband giving her oral sex. He will lay on the bed and she will spread her legs and back up until her legs are against the bed. She’ll need to squat down enough for him to reach her. In this position, he should be able to see what’s going on somewhat.

OHHH Sex Position

In this position, the wife will lay down on the bed, and the husband will enter from behind. She can lay on a vibrator, so she gets the direct clitoral stimulation she needs. Both of them should be able to see what’s going on as long as they have a mirror they can put in front of them. If she can’t pull her legs up to her butt, she can always leave them straight.

Beep Beep Sex Position

This is the perfect mirror gazing sex position because it allows the husband and wife to both see what’s going on. The wife will get on her knees on the edge of the bed and her husband will enter her vagina from behind. She can lead forward to prop herself up on her elbows or lift herself up with her arms.

Lube Tube Position

If you are looking for a standing position that you can do in front of bathroom mirror, this might be a good one. The idea of this mirror gazing sex position is for the wife to create a tunnel with her hand that her husband can thrust through. She will cover her hand with lubrication and her clitoris so that when her husband is sliding through her hand, it rubs against her clit. This can be a good option for couples that have a big height difference…which makes standing sex difficult.

Under The Sink Cunnilingus

Here is a great oral sex position for a husband to put their wife in. They can stand in front of a long mirror so she can see what he is doing. If you want to be able to see your husband licking your clitoris, you’ll want to stand beside the mirror so you can turn your head and see. Raise the leg that is furthest from the mirror. You should be able to see what he’s doing with this angle.

Atten Hut Blow Job

This is a good blow job position that a wife can put her husband in. Stand next to a mirror in a way where you can see your wife licking your penis. If you want to try a variation to this position, the husband can lean against a wall, spread his legs apart, and lift his pelvis upward. This will provide a different angle for his wife to stimulate him.

Under The Cuckoos Nest Cunnilingus

For this mirror gazing position, the husband would lay on the bed and the wife would walk up to the edge of the bed and straddle his face. They can position themselves in one of two ways:

  1. His head faces the mirror so she can bend forward and look back at her butt while he gives her oral sex.
  2. He faces his butt towards the mirror and she can see the front of herself in the mirror while he’s giving her oral.

Both of these directions can provide great visual stimulation!

Getting Comfortable Naked in Front of the Mirror

I realize that getting in front of the mirror while being intimate with one another is probably not the top priority for everyone. If you have low self-esteem and don’t like the way you look, this can be a scary thing. Before you dare to bare in front of the mirror, I have a few suggestions for you.

  • Learn to see yourself as the beautiful and sexy person you are. Follow my “How to Feel Beautiful” series for weekly challenges to help you with this.
  • Spend time undressed in front of the mirror. If you can get comfortable with yourself unclothed in front of the mirror, you will have an easier time doing this with your spouse. 
  • Start out using a smaller mirror. Can’t fathom the thought of seeing your entire reflection? Start out using a handheld mirror that you can use to see what is going on in smaller areas.

Do Men Enjoy Using Mirrors During Sex?

Yes. Yes, they do. I had my husband Austin answer this question for women who want to know, “Do men enjoy using mirrors during sex?”.

Here’s what he had to say:

Ok, maybe we need more than that as an answer.

As always, I’ll begin with the disclaimer that not all men are the same. We talk a lot about gender generalities (genderalities? No that’s dumb.). But just because something is true of most/a lot of men doesn’t mean it’s true of all men.

Guys, if none of the following things are true of you, that’s cool. You be you. Ladies, if you’re wondering about this, go back to our core principle – Communicate, communicate, communicate.

That being said, why would men enjoy using mirrors during sex? Well, there are a few reasons.

Your Husband Thinks You’re Hot

We’ll get more into the specifics of how this pertains to mirrors in the next section. However, I always want to start here. I’m constantly saddened at what the culture is teaching girls and women about their bodies. So many women are ashamed of their looks.

So ladies, always remember this. Your husband thinks you’re hot. He thinks you’re sexy. He likes your body. Let him see it. Be visually generous. Be confident. Remember that when you get naked, your husband loves it.

Men Are Usually Visually Oriented

A lot of guys are very visually stimulated. This is why porn is typically more popular with men, while erotic fiction is more popular with women. With the rising availability and mainstreaming of porn, this trend seems to be changing, btw.

Guys like to look. We want to see your body and get to know all of it. We want to see different angles. We want to see you in different positions. Mirrors can allow for this. It’s impossible to see a side view without a mirror, and that can be incredibly erotic.

Do Women Like To Have Mirror Sex?

Yes! There are many women who feel excited and sexy to see themselves receive oral sex, give a blow job, have their husbands behind them, etc. It can be a big turn-on for them visually to see what’s happening. It can also feed their fantasies later on when they are thinking back on their time with their husbands.

Women Are Also Visually Stimulated

I don’t want my readers to think that women are not stimulated through visual means. What person isn’t aroused by seeing sexual images? Women can feel excited and horny from watching themselves have sex in a mirror or on video.

Even a few seconds of seeing herself be sexually active in a mirror, in pictures, etc. can cause her to get wet. Gazing at what’s going on can bring a lot of excitement to the sexual encounter.

Mirrors Create Adventure

For some couples, using mirrors during their sexual intimacy in marriage kind of takes things to a new level. It’s going on an adventure with one another, which we’re huge fans of in all areas of the marriage. It can be an interesting next step in exploring openness and engagement in your sex life.

Maybe you’re a couple that started out having very hidden sex. By that, I mean sex in the dark, under the covers, etc. Hopefully, you’ve moved beyond that, turning on the lights and enjoying the sight of each other’s bodies. Mirrors provide another step in that direction, allowing you to see each other even better.

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28 Responses

  1. We were recently at a beachfront condo on the Gulf in Florida and one 20′ wall from floor to ceiling was a mirror. It ran from the sliding glass doors at the balcony back across the living and dining area. It was a playground with a leather couch and loveseat, the dining room table, a breakfast bar area with two stools and a counter with a 3′ mirror wall across from it. It was really fun and really exciting and we really want to do it again really soon. It resembled the wall in the sitting area of this post, but much nicer.

    1. That pretty much sounds like a dream come true to me. 🙂 I love hotel sex. It’s totally awesome. Mirrors are my friend! Lol

  2. Great topic. Do you have mirrors permanently installed around your bed? Where do you put them? Do you just move them in when you want to use them? I’ve wanted to try this, but I’m not sure how to implement it.

    (Linked to this post here.)

    1. The picture of the mirror and the bed in this post are in my room. The mirror sits on my dresser and is at the end our bed. We have one on the outside of our bathroom door that we can open to look into. It’s a full length mirror. I also have smaller hand held mirrors that we can use if we want to. I can’t attach mirrors to the ceiling or anything, because of the kind of ceilings I have. I would suggest to anyone to get one of those free standing mirrors that can move around your room. I would love to have one, but just can’t afford one. Maybe one day.

  3. There’s just nothing like seeing the action.Toward the end it can get really hard to keep your eyes on it as they want to roll back into head and it all turns into moaning with pleasure and panting. TMI but the juiciness of penis-in-vagina to and from motion is extremely exciting for both of us to witness. A ten dollar mirror (1 foot by four foot)from wal-mart can do wonders and there are 100 creative ways to use it, including laying it on the floor so the wife can witness doggie style with juices and cum dripping on the mirror. all very sexy! A great way to add spice! Good article.

  4. This is an option I found quickly. Showing it because of the wheels and the fact some reviewers said it was 22 inches, not 18. It would be easier to move than a pedestal mirror on feet. I would want something wider though if buying. There are a number of standing room-screen style folding mirrors that are more expensive and less easy to move. But then you could leave it at the wall opposite the bed.

  5. My spouse prefers to have a decorative mirror inside the headboard set. There is two adjusting dimmer lights above the mirror.

    She knows I love her toes and finds extremely romantic when I can see the reflection in the mirror of her toes elevated in the air (but also her breasts) when she is underneath.

    She also likes see the reflection of my hands cupping her breasts when she’s on top.

    1. I don’t know of a way to make mirrors work for 69 personally. Possibly the person on top can be positioned in front of a mirror and look up. Not sure about the person on the bottom. But you can record what’s happening with your phone and look at it afterward.

      1. Thanks! That phone idea sounds really awesome. We’ve tried the straddling the face position a few times as well which I really enjoy for the view.

  6. Thank you for great post. My wife and I never use the doggy style position (or any rear entry positions) unless we can do it in front of a mirror. Eye contact is really important for us, particularly my wife. She gets very insecure if she cannot look me in the eye during love making. Doggy style in front of the mirror is exceptionally intimate, it is very intense actually.. To have such powerful and raw sex while looking at each other can bring you very close. We save it for special occasions, but usually after both of us feel very emotional. My wife says she loves seeing how much pleasure she is giving me and I love seeing her face and sharing the moment with her. Like you said in the video  it is really bonding, and it really brings us closer together. 

  7. Amazing! Thank you Keelie for a beautifully written and well-researched piece. My husband and I have been married for over a decade, but only recently introduced mirrors (lol, a mirror) into our bedroom, and it has been absolutely incredible. We could not really mount a full wall mirror in our bedroom so we decided to just use my makeup table mirror. It has a little stand that we sometimes use, otherwise it is small enough to be held too. Originally, we first decided to try sex with a mirror due to the lack of eye-contact and infimacy in rear entry positions like the doggy style or even the spoons positions. My husband and I kind of avoided these positions in the past due to the lack of intimacy, but now they have become our go to positions. I also just wanted to say that it is 100% true the stuff you’ve said about body image. I feel like I may be a little overweight and I have been a bit insecure about my butt, and felt very self-conscious about it during sex. Well, the first time we tried the reverse cowgirl position and I was holding the mirror up so that I could see my husband, and when I saw the expression of what I could only describe of pure joy and lust on my husband’s face as he was intensely focused on my butt, I felt sexy. Honestly, my body confidence afterwards was very high and whenever it wanes, having sex with a mirror and seeing yourself be sexual and be desired really helps one’s body image. Thank you again!

    1. Oh my goodness! I love hearing this! I’m so happy for the two of you being able to express yourselves, see each other, and for you to feel sexy. What a wonderful gift.

  8. After many years of marriage, my wife pulled out a small hand-held mirror so she could get a view of me entering her during intercourse. Was a surprise the first time, but a huge turn-on for me as I had no idea she wanted that. Since then, we’ve taken advantage of hotel mirrors, as well as the “we just haven’t yet hung it on the wall” mirror that is near our bed leaning against the wall and can be used in a variety of ways when we’re up for romping on the floor in front of the mirror. The fact that my wife badly needs glasses and has to put them on to see us makes it even sexier as I know she’s watching!

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