Why Sleeping Without Clothes on is Good For Your Marriage

Sleeping Without Clothes on Enhances Your Marriage

Since I was a teenagers, I’ve slept without my clothes on. I know…more information than what you wanted to know about me. ย The reason I started doing that was purely because of comfort. I have the tendency to get tangled up in the blankets if I wear clothes. To save myself the hassle, I eliminated the problem years ago.

How Sleeping in the Without Clothes Has Benefited My Marriage


What I didn’t know about my habit of sleeping in my birthday suit, is that it would enhance my marriage. This habit has allowed me to get really comfortable around my husband. That is huge for any of us in a romantic and intimate relationship.

Nakedness equals vulnerability. ย I’ve learned to be vulnerable around my husband and trust him greatly. That alone has helped to build intimacy in my marriage.

Another benefit I have found is that it gives my husband and I more time to be naked together when we are not having sex. There is something comforting about being next to your spouse without any barriers. I think it is the same concept that we use for babies when we put them naked on our chests. It builds intimacy and closeness.

Getting In Bed Undressed Increases Your Chances of Having Sex


If having sex is the only time your spouse ever sees you naked, then you will certainly need to be prepared for an increase in your sexual encounters. I’m saying that as a way to prepare you for the inevitable. If the thought of your husband wanting more sex worries you, go HERE to read how to get yourself in the mood ahead of time.

Getting into bed without clothing on is a pretty bold move for some. If your husband wasn’t thinking about sex, he likely will be. That can be problematic if you are trying to keep from turning him on. Let’s hope you aren’t trying to do that!

Going to bed in the nude will not automatically mean you will have sex. It does increase the likelihood, but doesn’t mean you have to have sex every night. If you have always worn pajamas up to your neck and one night get into bed naked, it is sure to cause a happy reaction from your man.

Building Non-Sexual Intimacy Leads to A Deeper Relationship



Over time, it will be more commonplace and you will start to build non-sexual intimacy. As you and your spouse grow older, you both will appreciate the many facets of intimacy that occur in a marriage.

If you are just starting out, you might only see one or two things that cause you to feel intimate with your loved one. There will come a day that other activities in your life will help you feel close.



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