Why We Don’t Normally Sell Our Stuff

Why we normally don't sell our stuff

When I was growing up, we spent a lot of Saturday mornings in the summer, driving around the neighborhood looking at yard sales. What we didn’t do, however, is host our own yard sale. I don’t think my mom was interested in putting one together. But mostly, she and dad felt that they had always been blessed by God with everything that they needed. They would rather give away most things.

My mom came up with ways to earn extra income through playing piano, sewing, and driving kids to school in her personal vehicle. She felt that selling our stuff wasn’t a way to make money. Rather, we should bless others with it.

Austin and I have taken the same approach to selling our stuff.

For the most part, we do not sell things that we no longer need. There are a few things that we do sell for the sake of making sure the right people get a hold of those items. For example, we normally sell:

  • cars
  • cell phones/tablets
  • homeschool material

We feel like these items are best if we sell them, because there is a niche’ market for these items. If I give an old cell phone or homeschool material to a thrift store, it may not get into the hands of the people that can really use it. We usually sell our cars since that is such a high ticket item, but we’ve been known to let them go for really cheap.

Normally, we only sell items other than these when we are using it as a business model. I’ve been known to sell cheap finds at the thrift store on eBay and Facebook Marketplace as a way to increase our streams of revenue.

We Have Been Blessed Tremendously

We have been given so so so much stuff over the years! My house is full of the blessings of the Lord. We feel convicted from God to bless others as much as we can, because we’ve been blessed so lavishly.

Here are a just a few of the pictures of some of the incredible things we’ve been given over the years.

living room

In this picture, I was given that small rocking chair, the mirror on the wall, and all of the decorations on the mantle except for the lights. Even that potted plant was a gift.


In the picture above, we were given the bedspread, matching pillows, and the trunk by someone at church. The mirror came from a different friend. The curtains hanging above the bed are from an house we lived in. Both of the end tables were being thrown out by Liberty University when they were buying new dorm furniture.

lights around the dresser

This dresser and a matching armoire were given to me by my sister in law. All of the jewelry boxes, and decorations were given to me by many different people over the years.

living room 2

This couch was given to me by a church member. The art hanging on the wall was given to me by a friend as well as one of the pillows. My best friend gave me the blanket back when we were teenagers. My mom gave me the other white pillow.



I could spend all day telling you where everything in my living room came from, but I’ll spare you. Just suffice it to say that we only purchased the small table sitting next to the rocking chair.

As you can see from these few pictures…we’ve been blessed! Blessed beyond measure, no doubt. This isn’t even half of what we’ve been given in our lives.

We’ve been giving a vehicle, money to pay for almost all of my husband’s education, most of what my kids wore the first 7 years of their lives, and soooooo much more!

I’m Thankful For Those That Choose to Sell Their Things

Even though we do not sell our things, rather give most of it away, I’m very appreciative of those that chose to sell their stuff. I benefit tremendously from those that list used things on Amazon and eBay. We have purchased every cell phone we’ve ever had and almost all of our homeschool curriculum, as well as countless gifts through those means.

I’m Thankful For Those That Give to The Thrift Store

I’m also very thankful for people who give to the thrift store. I’ve outfitted my family for years at the thrift store. If we need anything for our house, I check there first. At least 90% of the time, we buy everything used.

Around here, I shop at two different thrift stores that help out local organizations. One benefits our schools, and the other benefits the food pantry my husband runs. For me, this is one more way of giving back.

What Happened When We Tried to Sell Our Stuff

We got into a very difficult place financially about 2 1/2 years ago. I had just barely become a work from home mom, and our financial situation changed very quickly. We were scrambling to come up with enough money to meet our very frugal budget.

For the first time in our lives, we decided to sell our things on eBay. We looked around for everything that was of value in our home and put it up for sale.

Can I just tell you something? That was a complete flop! We tried to fix that situation for ourselves instead of letting God handle it for us like He has always done. It wasn’t our finest moment and it caused us to be very frustrated in the process. We let things go for a very small price and the work wasn’t worth it.

So, in general, we don’t sell our unused items, we give them away. Again, there are times when we have used platforms to sell as ways of increasing our revenue. But, if we own something that someone else can benefit from, we love to give it to them.


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