Work Together as a Team in Marriage With Belah Rose

I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Belah Rose the other day. She has a great podcast and blog over at Delight Your Marriage. 

Today, you can hear us talk about staying a team in marriage when things get rough. It can be very hard to keep that mindset when you and your spouse are not on the same page.

Listen in to the story I share of a difficult time in our marriage. I really open up about some of the difficult things that Austin and I went through a few years ago. I’ve not had an opportunity to share this story here on the blog. 

When the Pressure’s On- Be a Team 

When Pressure's On, Be A Team (2)

I hope you will check out Belah’s podcast on a regular basis. It is her passion to bring on experienced couples that are able to share their difficulties and how they have made it through. She has a great ministry to married couples that want to change and grow.

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