You Husband Wants You to Pay Attention to His Penis

For lack of a better word, I’m calling your husband’s penis his member. I listened to my friend Belah Rose talk about this today on the Delight Your Marriage podcast. This is the episode where she talks about the 3 things men want in sex. She’s interviewed me before over there about how women can orgasm.

Your Husband Wants You To Pay Attention to His Penis

Today, she talked about something that I think many wives have never thought of doing for their husband. That is to pay attention to your husband’s member. Many men crave their wife’s attention to this area. They want their wife to talk about it, enjoy it themselves, and give it all types of attention.

They Don’t Feel Comfortable Saying This

I think a lot of men don’t feel comfortable asking their wife to do this. They want to use this part of their body to please their wife and be pleased by their wife. But, if they start asking their wife to pay detailed attention to this area, they might feel like they are being a pervert or using their wife. Or worse, they may think their wife will feel this way about them.

Pay Attention to His Penis Without Him Asking

As a woman, you want your husband to pay attention to you. You crave his attention in many ways. You want him to tell you he thinks you’re hair looks great. You want him to pursue you sexually with his words and actions. You want him to notice the things you do for the family.

Not only is it not weird for your husband to pay attention to you, you expect it. He has the same desires. His desires include you giving extra attention to his member. A way to bless your husband is to find ways to pay attention to this part of him without him asking. We always feel more loved when our spouse does things for us that we truly need without mentioning it to them.

Turn Admiration Into Intimacy

It’s ok to let your attention to his penis turn into a time of intimacy. Not that this is the only reason you should look at him or talk about his member. However, it is great foreplay for him and can be a real turn on for you.

The more you do this, the easier it will be for you. Anytime you are apprehensive about something in the bedroom, exposing yourself a little at a time is how to work through it.

Hopefully, you can give your husband sexual confidence and feelings of love by admiring his member.


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